About PayCheck Direct

PayCheck Direct® is an employee purchase program that allows eligible employees to get what they want now and pay interest-free over time. Employees can choose from over 20,000 competitively-priced, name-brand products, including TVs, computers, electronics, appliances, furniture and more. Their interest-free payments are made over 12 months via worry-free payroll deduction. There are no credit checks, hidden fees or finance charges.

PayCheck Direct is a program offered by Bluestem Enterprises, Inc., a subsidiary of national retail powerhouse Bluestem Brands, Inc. PayCheck Direct leverages that buying power to offer a competitively-priced selection of quality products.

PayCheck Direct is headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN with branch offices in Charlotte, NC; Omaha, NE and Houston, TX.

Our Commitment to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a top priority for most employers. We know, because it is for us, too.

Engaged employees are typically:

  • More productive
  • More loyal to your business
  • Happier with their work

To help promote positive employee engagement, we’re committed to offering a program that employees love and makes them happy their employers have provided it for them.

PayCheck Direct can help fuel your employee engagement in three important ways:

  1. Positively impact employee morale and retention – When you offer your employees a means for responsible, interest-free purchasing of brand-name products, it can increase employee satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Reduce financial stress, which leads to happier employees – The fact that most consumers need financing in order to make major household purchases can be a major source of financial stress. With PayCheck Direct, these purchases can be made interest-free and paid for over 12 months through worry-free payroll deduction. Less stress equals happier employees.
  3. Demonstrate your commitment to your employees – When you add programs to your non-core employee benefits that help promote a healthy work-life balance, you show your commitment to your employees’ happiness and wellbeing.

Visit our PayCheck Direct Benefits page to learn more.

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