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About Us

PayCheck Direct is a purchase program provided to you by your employer or membership organization. With PayCheck Direct, you can buy what you want now and pay for it interest free with easy automatic payments.

When you purchase with PayCheck Direct, you can choose from thousands of competitively priced, name-brand products, including TVs, computers, electronics, furniture, appliances and more. And you never have to deal with credit checks, fees* or finance charges.

PayCheck Direct is offered by Bluestem Enterprises, Inc., a subsidiary of national retail powerhouse Bluestem Brands, Inc., and is headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN.

Easy Shopping, Worry-Free Payments®

Major purchases are a fact of life, but paying for them can be stressful. Whether you need a new appliance or have your eye on a new TV or gadget, making these purchases with PayCheck Direct is both convenient and economical.

With PayCheck Direct, you can purchase multiple items up to your purchase limit, which is determined by your income. You then pay for your purchase interest free over 12 months through easy automatic payments.

Because purchases made are interest free, PayCheck Direct can also save you money, when compared to making the same purchase with a credit card and paying over time.

Additionally, PayCheck Direct is easy to use. See our How It Works page or Customer Service FAQs to learn more.

* See details on your installment agreement generated during the checkout process.